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The Chelsea Briana Photography blog showcases the photography services offered including seniors, couples, families, and creative collaborations.

Why I Started my Photography Business

I am so excited, I decided to start a blog! I plan to write about some of my photo sessions, some about my personal journey, and some about photo advice and inspiration. I am starting my blog posts with a personal journey story. Read further to learn about how and why I started my business!

My little business kind of came out of nowhere, or so it may seem. The idea of starting my own business has been brewing within me for quite a while now. It just took some time and one big decision.

Want to know a fun fact? I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology! Yes, a graduate degree because at one point I really wanted to become a therapist. I always loved learning about psychological disorders and how to help people cope with them. I definitely learned a lot about the human experience and ways of helping people go through their problems. However, I also learned that this field is not for me. Yes, it will always have a place in my heart, but the truth is it was so emotionally draining for me. I remember coming home sad most days after my internships after hearing about someone’s life story. It was truly heartbreaking to hear stories of a lifelong battle with depression or a traumatic incident that changed the rest of their life. On the other hand, it would be so amazing to meet with an individual or family that had been receiving counseling who would say how much it has helped them. I have so much respect for those working in this field for putting in so many hours researching, studying, and helping those who have a hard time dealing with their issues. I still enjoy learning about psychology but honestly, I just knew I would be burned out fast if I continued working in this field. I stayed and graduated because receiving a master’s degree is a pretty epic accomplishment. I do not regret this time in my life because I learned so much about myself and the world around me. I also met some amazing people who opened my eyes to different ways of thinking and viewing the world.

So, how did I decide to become a photographer with my own business after spending all that time in school? Well, I’ve always loved the idea of photography and growing up I was the one always with a camera taking pictures to have memories of people and places I love. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I love being able to capture a glimpse in time, to freeze a memory for others to witness. Photographing a person or a place is to travel in time, to go back and experience a memory all over again. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a photographer, but the idea always seemed to be unattainable or unrealistic until I realized that it could be possible.

After I graduated, my fiancé and I moved to College Station for his new job. I searched and applied to multiple jobs, and searched some more. Nothing. I started feeling down on my luck and upset that I couldn’t find a job. It was kind of a soul crushing feeling like I was never good enough to get the jobs I was applying for, even with a master’s degree. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do, but then again, there was something I could do, which was start a photography business! I pondered this idea for a few months still waiting to hear back from anywhere that I applied. I still had no responses and one day I woke up and decided, why the heck not? Of course I was nervous and had doubts. I wondered all the “what ifs?” You know the, what if I fail? What if no one wants to hire me? What if I am not very good at this? But, then I asked, What if all my “what ifs” were wrong? My thought was this: it is better to go after this dream and give it your all and possibly fail than not try at all. So, I decided right then and there to go after this big dream of mine.

I decided to start my new business with the New Year. I found a mentor to help guide me with the process of starting a business. Shelby Tsika with Shelby Tsika Photography has graciously helped me throughout the process, giving me all the information I would need and then some. As January 2017 came around I had all the information I needed, so I went to the courthouse and completed all the paperwork.

Now, here I am running my very own small business! When life has you down, you have to find your own way out to turn it around for yourself. You have to give it your all, work hard, and trust that everything will work out.

I am so grateful for everyone who has supported this dream of mine, especially my fiancé for allowing me to give this a shot. Also, thank you Shelby for helping me along the way.

xoxo, Chelsea